New Installs 2016

Double Ermak Install


We recently installed TWO Ermaks at a customer site. This customer is now the lucky owner of one 12' x 242 Ton Ermak Falcon press brake, complete with a Delem 58 touch controller, 4 axis CNC crowning, and Lazersafe light curtains. The second machine is an Ermak 13' x 10mm HGD CNC Shear. 



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AMB Roofing: RAS XL Center 63.3

This RAS XL Center was installed at AMB Roofing in Johnsburg, Illinois. The RAS XL Center 63.3 from Mac-Tech:  Automatic Sheet Metal Folder for Roofing & Architectural Applications


126” x 16 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity


Up & Down Folding


Multi-Touch PC Control – Programming Eliminated!:


o   Profile Drawn on Monitor, Software Automatically Programs Part

o   Hit “Taper” Button for Perfectly Tapered Parts

o   Select Folding Sequence

Berlin, WI: SpeedBend Press Brake

Our techs just installed this brand new Speed Bend 3100-175 6 Axis Press Brake at a customer site in Berlin, WI.


It has a Delem 66T touch screen control, 4 axis back gauge, and upper Wilson hydraulic express clamping. 


Need one of your own? We have both New and Used press brakes in stock. Call 888-622-9555.





Fab-Tech: 4kW Fibermak


Straight from Fab-Tech to Customer Floor!! 


  • Fibermak 510 4.0kW G-Force

  • Delivery and Lead Time were avoided by this fast-acting buyer

  • Fibermak G-Force Offers him 3G accelerations vs 2 on Standard Model



Finish First with the Fibermak G-Force! 

Chicago, Illinois: 2kW Fibermak

A Chicagoland custom conveyor manufacturer integrated this 2015 Fibermak 510 2.0kW IPG for his Stainless Steel, Mild Steel & Aluminum requirements.



  • - Air-Cutting up to 3/16" 304SS, Laser-Edge!!!!*
  • - Cut Fab Time from Days into Hours
  • - Not Waiting on Delivery or Delays
  • - Bringing Production & Profits IN-HOUSE!



*with Optional Compressor System