SB Series: Automatic Two-Side Deburring Machines


Automatic Two-Side Deburring Machines

Jonsen SB1300KG: Deburring, Grinding, and Edge Rounding Machine

The Jonsen SB1300-KG Deburring, Grinding, and Edge Rounding Machine is similar to the SB1300-K. It is equipped with steel wire for slag & big burr removal. The high speed wide belt works efficiently for grinding vertical burrs and oxide layer removal. Lastly, the cross belt smooths sharp edges.  




For Deburring, Grinding, and Edge Rounding.

Jonsen SBG1000: Two-Side-One-Pass Deburring Machine

The Jonsen SBG1000 Two-Side-One-Pass Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine gives excellent results from deburring precision sheet metal parts to slag grinding after laser or plasma cutting. It utilizes two deburring belts for processing all interior and exterior contours. The inlet conveyor belt carries the piece to be ground by the abrasive belt, which removes most of the vertical burrs and slag. At the same time, the bottom deburring belt is removing burrs on the back of the work piece.