13 Reasons Why – Techni Waterjet

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1) The most energy-efficient pump in the industry.
The Electric Servo Pump only uses power when the nozzle is open and you are cutting. The pump is 90% efficient when cutting and 100% efficient when not cutting.

Direct Drive Pumps use full power from the time you turn the machine on until you turn the machine off. The pump is 90% efficient when cutting and 0% efficient when not cutting.
Hydraulic Intensifier Pumps use power from the time you turn the machine on until you turn the machine off. The pump is 65% efficient when cutting and 30% efficient when not cutting.

2) The quietest Pump in the industry.
The Electric Servo Pump has a dBA rating of 68 when cutting and 58 when not cutting.
A Direct Drive Pump has a dBA rating of 72 when cutting and not cutting as the pump runs continually.
A Hydraulic Intensifier Pump has a dBA rating of 80 when cutting and 72 when not cutting. Hearing protection is required.

3) Lowest Cost of operation in the industry.
The Electric Servo Pump cost less than $3 per hour to operate in parts. Seal life is only cutting time. It also has the lowest Dead head Pressure Spike (D.H.P.S.) in the industry which reduces the fatigue on all of the high-pressure components allowing them to last longer.
A Direct Drive Pump cost approximately $6 per hour to operate in parts. Seal life in not just cutting time but the entire time the machine is on. The dead head pressure spike is double the D.H.P.S. of an Electric Servo Pump causing more fatigue on the high-pressure components resulting in higher component failure.

A Hydraulic Intensifier Pump cost approximately $8 per hour to operate in parts. Seal life is cutting time. It has the highest D.H.P.S in the industry resulting in the highest component failure as a result of the additional fatigue.

4) The Machine uses the least amount of water.
Water is used for two purposes in waterjet cutting.
Cooling water is used to cool the pump. Electric Servo Pumps and Direct Drive Pumps are both efficient and use around 1 gallon per minute to do so. Hydraulic pumps generate a lot of heat and require 3 to 5 gallons per minute to cool them.

Cutting water is only used when cutting is taking place when using an Electric Servo Pump or a Hydraulic Intensifier Pump. A Direct Drive Pump is always running and generating high-pressure water. If it is not going out the nozzle it is diverted down the drain.

5) The quickest and easiest pump to rebuild available.
The Electric Servo Pump can be rebuilt in less than 10 minutes.
A Direct Drive pump takes 1 to 4-hour to rebuild depending on which model. It requires a very skilled operator.

A hydraulic Intensifier Pump takes 2 to 5 hours to rebuild depending on the model pump. In addition, it requires the hydraulic system to be serviced requiring more time and money. It requires a very skilled operator.

6) The only machine capable of running unattended.
Techni Offer Tech-Sense™ as standard on the Techjet Series and optional on the Intec Series.
Tech-Sense™ developed by Techni is the only system available for monitoring the cutting conditions in the head in real time. Should your orifice generate a chip and loos its ability to focus the waterjet energy the system will detect this and stop the cutting process saving your work piece and saving flooding your shop.

The Tech-Sense™ also monitors the garnet flow to ensure the adequate volume is present to cut through the work piece saving scrapping the piece for flooding your shop.

7) The most accurate machine in the industry.
The Intec Series is +/- 0.1mm to 0.15mm depending on the size of the machine.
The Techjet Series is +/- 0.025mm and has non-contact linear scales to ensure accuracy.

NOTE: Techni rate their machine over the entire travel of the machine and not per foot of travel as most other machine manufacture do.

8) The only manufacture to provide a 5-year accuracy guaranty.
Techni use a patented Stainless Steel Belt motion system to move the cutting head. The belt is impervious to wear and the adverse effects of garnet like other manufactures experience with their design.

That is how Techni can provide our customers with a 5 year unlimited hours mechanical guaranty on the accuracy of the machine.

9) The only 5 axis head capable of continuous rotation.
The PAC 60 head designed and patented by Techni is capable of continues rotation saving valuable time when cutting parts using taper control of machining angles. All other manufacture must unwind their head prior to cutting the next piece wasting time.

10) The only 5 axis head with built-in collision detection.
Techni’s PAC60 head includes collision detection as standard. Collision detection is not even available on other manufactures 5 axis heads.

11) The best bulk abrasive system on the market.
All bulk garnet delivery units require pressurization to feed the abrasive to the cutting head.
Techni developed a unique unit that only pressurizes a small compartment in the bottom of the storage unit. This feature saves time by allowing the unit to be filled without the need to depressurize the system first.
In addition, the Techni bulk abrasive unit has two 24volt sensor. The first sensor is used to warn that you are getting low on garnet. The second sensor is used to place the machine infeed hold to prevent from scrapping your workpiece and flooding your shop as a result of running out of abrasive.

12) The only manufacture with laser height sensing.
Techni offers a laser height sensor as standard on the Techjet Series and optional on the Intec Series.
This unique feature will map the workpieces’ heights automatically or can be used to trace the profile of a workpiece capturing the geometry for reproducing it.

13) Mac-Tech only sells the best of the best. So believe us, Techni Waterjets are the best!
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