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2015 FICEP 1201DE

Standard Equipment

  • RPM: 4,000 RPM
  • Control: CNC (Pegaso REX12)
  • Section Depth: 47.25″ (Max) / 2″ (Min)
  • Drilling Spindles: 1 (Sub-Spindle)
  • Spindle Type: Direct Drive
  • Spindle Power: 25 HP
  • Spindle RPM: 180-4,000
  • Drilling Diameter: 1.5625″ (w/ Through-Coolant)
  • ATC: 6-Station (Automatic)


FICEP EXCALIBUR 12 (1201DE): – The Excalibur only requires 50% of the floor space of a conventional beam dri lling line – The drill system is cantilevered from the storage table so it is not touching the floor – Ball screw spindle feed witha 4,000 RPM spindle speed takes full advantage of carbide tooling technology for optimum performance. – The unique sub axis of teh spindle affords the maximum in productivity and accuracy while enabling scribing without exerting excessive forces on linear bearing as the system remains stationary. Only the spindle is positioned by the sub axis – Remote diagnostics is possible with network connection The powerful direct drive spindle, which operates at up to 4,000 RPM, generates unbelievable drilling performance. The total horsepower of the motor is delivered to the tool as there is no power loss by going through a transmission. Its simplicity, heavy duty design and the advanced technologies make it extremely reliable and productive. The drill system is positioned along the loading table by means of a rack and pinion positioning system for maximum performance and accuracy. Once in position it is clamped to the table assembly from above and below the table surface for maximum stability during drilling. Pegaso is the new generation CNC controls for FICEP machines. The PC, CNC, and PLC are all integrated on a single board, to achieve the maximum reliability. Pegaso is based on field bus technology; CanBus and EtherCAT, with up to 32 axes under CNC Control. The Sub-Axis facilitates both milling and scribing operations, as well as the ability to drill a group of holes in the X and Y axis without having to move the main drill system. Non contact laser probing is employed to establish the end of the section and the web position. Holes are accurately positioned by compensating for the sections lineal position on the table and mill tolerance deviations. A remote control is furnished to allow the operator to monitor the machine functions while activel engaged int ehy loading and unloading of sections on the drill table. This approach permits drilling and material handling functions to occur simultaneously. SAFETY: FICEP takes care of the ergonomic and safety details during the design activities. The machines comply with the CE regulations.