3-Roll Pinch Plate Roll

Initial Pinch

Akyapak 3-Roll Pinch Plate Rolls are the best choice for excellent results in thin sheet metal rolling. ASM-S series guarantees a solid structure with its welded-steel body and ensures maximum outputs with minimum investment. It’s also easy to use and maintain. 

Pyramid Roll

In AHK 3-Roll Plate Rolling Machines, every 3 rolls are independently-driven with the reducers and hydraulic motors in the models with a roll diameter of 230mm and over, and in the models with a roll diameter of less than 230mm,  the side  rolls are  driven by a hydraulic motor, reducer + gear and the upper roll is driven  by means of chain gear.

Akyapak AHK 3-roll pinch plate rolls allow pre-bending on both sides of the machine without removing the plate. It guarantees excellent feeding by preventing the risk of sliding thanks to the braking system it provides.

Variable Geometry

AHV 3-roll pinch plate rolls combine power with production flexibility thanks to its variable geometry design. The three rolls in AHV models move independently of each other. The required geometric positions for a wide range of workpieces is ensured thanks to vertical movement of the top roll and independent horizontal motion of the side rolls. This unique design ensures optimal bending and excellent performance. 

The more accurate rolling can be performed for remaining less flat ends by positioning rolls asymmetrical, while the rolls can be positioned symmetrical for rolling at maximum thickness. The machine is incredibly user-friendly and only requires simple switches to get the bend you need. With those fundamental features, AHV 3-roll pinch plate roll provides the power of versatility in production. Our 3-roll pinch plate roll is unlike any other device on the market today.