ADOP Plate Processing & Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine



The best solution for fabricators with space limitations, the ADOP plate processing and plasma bevel cutting machines are designed with fully automatic operations which allow for streamlined operations in drilling, cutting and marking, which leads to increased efficiency, combining versatility and accuracy. The drill unit is fitted with heavy-duty double linear guides on the steel bridge frame and the cutting unit is mounted on the other side of the bridge. The accurate horizontal axis movements for drilling and cutting units are controlled with servo driven ball screws. Centering can also be achieved with our ADOP plate processing and plasma bevel cutting machines.

Standard features with the ADOP plate processing and plasma bevel cutting machine include:

  • The six-station automatic tool changer (ATC) which allows for layout marking that can be executed by placing a tool in the ATC without manual intervention.
  • Combined with plasma, oxy-fuel torches allow for the optimal cutting results.
  • Fumes and dust generated during the process are extracted and filtered through the fume extraction unit, protecting users from breathing in hazardous materials
  • Safety comes first, ADOP machines come equipped with automatic torch collision detection

Positioning of plates is performed accurately utilizing hydraulic gripping jaws which are fitted on double linear guides. Feeder trucks are driven by servo motors with a rack and pinion system.

Getting ready for the next job is a breeze automatic unloading, and the rolling chip brush makes cleanup simple. Operators will be able to move on to the next job in minutes.

The ADOP is incredibly user friendly which will enable your operators to work more efficiently while increasing your profitability. Schedule your demo today!


Operating Range ADOP
Min./max. Plate Width 100 – 3000
Min./max. Plate Length 500 – 6000
Min./max Plate thickness 10 – 152
Capacity 7500 kg         16500 lbs
Drilling unit BT– 50
Feed Servo motor with servo inverter
Spindle rpm

Spindle Power

Step less 100-3000rpm

34W – 48HP

Lubrication Air coolant /oil mist lubrication
Holder BT 50
HSS Drill Diameter ¼”-2” mm and over depends on federate
Carbide drill diameter ½” – 2” mm
Thread Tapping M12-M24
Centering possibility Yes
Countersinking Yes
Hydraulic. Clamping Yes
Automatic Tool Changer 6 positions standard + 6 positions as optional
OXY FUEL Cutting Unit  
Gas Acetylene, Propane, Methane or Mapp
Max. Thickness 100mm    6”
Plasma Cutting unit Hypertherm 400A
Max. Thickness 80mm 3.2” EDGE START / 2” Pierce