An Unconventional Path To Success

An Unconventional Path To Success

How a Shop Is Maintaining Jobs and Increasing Success During a Pandemic

We brought you details about how JBT Corporation (formerly JB Friction & Fab Corp) took a different approach by leveraging equipment technology and achieved unfettered growth in January of 2017. So, it should not be a surprise to you that a little more than three years later, they are back at.

JBT Corporation established in 2009 and is a Wisconsin based value-added contract manufacturing company with a focus on sheet and mid-plate precision components.

During these uncertain times, most shops have all hands on deck to keep the doors open and jobs coming in. While JBT is no exception, part of their plan included adding additional machines to their fab shop floor. Consulting with their fabrication machinery partner, Mac-Tech, Inc., they quickly figured out which machines to add to their arsenal.

JBT’s long-standing relationship with Mac-Tech proved to be critical in maintaining their proactive trajectory of growth. They purchased: a new electric servo press brake (NO HOSES), 2 turrets, a 5 x 10ft 33-ton servo turret press with reposition that can punch 30ft of material with a 60-inch throat and brush tables extended, a new 24ft 250 ton all dressed up press brake and a new to market, and Mac-Tech exclusive, servo CNC graphical combi beam folder, with a
u-shaped back-gauge and brush table.

Promising Future, Proud Past

Because times are uncertain, it does not mean a company can’t carry on with “business as usual”. This included owner Bryan McGourthy purchasing his family’s friction material business and renaming it JBT Corporation, which is comprised of the initials of Bryan’s three children.

This growth did not happen overnight. Throughout their relationship, Mac-Tech has put new technology in front of Bryan because “We know the market, and JBT knows manufacturing. And he’s not afraid to try anything new.” says Mac-Tech owner,
Michael C. Ryan.

“We know the market, and JBT knows manufacturing. And he’s not afraid to try anything new.” says Mac-Tech owner,  Michael C. Ryan.

Instead of waiting until the shop had a request, JBT anticipates the request and has purchased new machines virtually every year since establishing their relationship with Mac-Tech. Recently, the machines are a little longer and are suited for larger panel manufacturing because many of their customers are in the lawn and garden industry with metal fab component needs.

Next Moves

This shift in manufacturing happened because even though the relationship is still unfolding (no pun intended), Bryan identified customers for the large brake/turret and CNC folder. His years in this industry have taught him that he needs to have the equipment in place to have any chance of being awarded the business. To prove the success of this theory, JBT has received orders that have required use of their new folder.

JBT Corporation may be a new name, but they proudly uphold their respected reputation of
on-time delivery and customer focus. What is their secret you ask? “It is truly about returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner and not dropping the ball. We turn quotes around, fast and do our best to have a short lead time. Communication is key.  If we run into an issue, we get ahead of it with our customer, so we are on the same page” says Bryan.

This recipe for success has allowed JBT to be of service to others by being an over-flow shop. Their limited over-head and state-of-the-art equipment has put their open laser, brakes and turret capacity to good use for their
ever-growing OEM customer base.

Other than his natural business acumen, the question was asked; Why Mac-Tech? The machinery JBT added to their floor can be purchased from anywhere. So, what was so special about Mac-Tech? Bryan had this to say: “We have built a solid relationship over the years and I feel it has been very mutually beneficial for both of us. I feel strongly about the Mac-Tech product line. The key is that the machines they sell, use top quality components that you would see in much more expensive machines. They help facilitate my business growth by buying back machinery that we outgrow and when I call them for service, they’re always there.”

There is no doubt JBT will continue to thrive by maintaining their dedication to customer service and continual strives in communication. When the question of what he sees for JBT was posed, Mac-Tech’s Mike Ryan said “We’re happy to be along for the ride. I gravitate towards people like Bryan, because he doesn’t join the band wagon, he’s the band LEADER”


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