Automec CNC Backgauge Control Systems



All Automec CNC backgauge controls are comprised of a backgauge system controller that is interfaced with an electro-mechanical gauging system (a backgauge). This backgauge is typically attached to a press brake. The operator can easily program either a single position or a sequence of gauge positions at the control. Automec’s CNC controls tell the backgauge to move into the desired positions during each of the machine’s cycles.

Automec’s CNC backgauge control systems move the backgauge mechanical system into its next position quickly and accurately; this increases the operator’s productivity. There is no need to manually set the gauge each time, which reduces material handling needs during the manufacturing process.

Automec’s CNC backgauge control systems are known for their ease-of-programming, positioning accuracy, and high reliability. Depending on the state of your existing CNC machines, you may even be able to upgrade your existing Automec backgauge control system to a newer model.