The Bernardo press brake is a powerful and advanced addition to any industrial manufacturing line. It provides robust performance and precision, boosting productivity significantly. Engineered with advanced technology, the Bernardo press brake ensures consistent, high-quality outputs across a range of operations. The industrial press brake offers user-friendly features that streamline the operation process, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. In addition, the Bernardo press brake offers impressive durability that will stand up to rigorous use while maintaining optimal functionality. The Bernardo press brake delivers superior, precise sheet metal bending results every time. Trust in the capabilities of this industrial press brake to elevate your production standards and outcomes.


Standard Equipment

  • Tonnage: 40 T
  • Type: HYD
  • OA Length: 80 “
  • Control CNC: (Estun E21)
  • Estun E21 controller
  • X-Axis CNC Backgauge