CNC Control Systems

In present day manufacturing, CNC control systems have become the standard when it comes to modern manufacturing. These systems provide precision, efficiency, and reliability to your operations. At Mac-Tech, we understand the importance of advanced CNC controls in the production process. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality CNC machine control systems designed to optimize your operations and improve results. The systems we offer bring together the latest technology with user-friendly interfaces to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing setup or start from scratch, our CNC control systems are the perfect solution to meet your manufacturing needs. Trust Mac-Tech to provide the best CNC controls for your business.

HURCO CNC Controls 

Hurco CNC controls help increase your profitability and productivity

Powered by WinMax® software, nothing can get you from print to part faster than Hurco’s CNC control systems. Browse our selection of Hurco CNC machine control systems and start optimizing your workflow processes today.

Automec Systems

Used primarily with press brakes, all of Automec’s control systems allow for the operator to enter various dimensions before the motorizing gauging system moves through the various programmed sequence of dimensions. Offering endless programmability, Automec backgauges are the ideal control system for press brakes, punches, and shears. They can also be retrofitted to your existing machinery.

All of Automec’s easy-to-use products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Cybelec S.A

Cybelec SA is a worldwide market leader when it comes to metal forming technology. They specialize in and offer a wide range of numerical controls that are well suited for use with press brakes, shears, and more.

As a daughter company of the Infranor Group, a major provider of motion control and servo motion control solutions, Cybelec SA has a wealth of experience when it comes to developing high-quality CNC controls.

Delem Technologies

Delem Technologies leads the world market when it comes to the development of CNC control systems for sheet metal machines. When it comes to sheet metal fabrication knowledge, Delem Technologies is second to none. This know-how is translated into their user-friendly CNC systems for sheet metal machines.

PC Controls

PC Controls has always aimed at creating better, more intuitive CNC control systems. With decades of real-world experience, they’ve perfected their PC-based CNC controls. This makes PC Controls one of your best options if you are looking to retrofit your old, obsolete CNC controls with a PC-based control system.

MachMotion CNC Controls

Another excellent option if you need to retrofit your machines with updated CNC Controls. MachMotion knows what a pain it can be to find yourself stuck with a poorly-performing machine. MachMotion offers CNC retrofit kits for milling machines, CNC routers, grinders, waterjets, and more.