Mac-Tech’s Curt Corners

Regional Sales Manager

Mac-Tech | Curt Corners

Curt has been with Mac-Tech for over 3 years and brings with him, a strong background with a lot of knowledge in Plasma cutting.

He’s a great resource! 


C: 515.829.0959

Curt was great to work with. We had some issues with an incorrect hydraulic clamp, but Curt was able to assist us with getting the right clamp and getting us into production. We appreciate all his help!
Ken Tibboel


Vented Water Injection (VWI) by Hypertherm

This patent pending process features a vented N2 plasma and an H2O shield. Edges are square, angularity is reduced and surface finish is excellent on non-ferrous materials, especially aluminum.

The secondary gas flow is actually H2O which provides excellent restriction and focus of the Plasma Arc. The cut surface is basically steam cleaned so the surface quality is unmatched by any other thermal cutting process.

Gas control is fully automatic making the Plasma Cutting operation very simple.

Curt’s current Machine Pick

I really like the PCR-41. The sleek design and bang-for-your-buck is really appealing. It’s precision is unmatched.