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Cybelec Press Brake Controls

A Cybelec press brake control upgrade can streamline your operations and get new metalworkers up to speed quickly. Known for user-friendliness and quick implementation, Cybelec press brake controllers provide an intuitive interface that gives operators all the information they need, without distracting details they don’t or won’t use to get their job done. Cybelec also makes CNC press brake retrofits for older model machines that still have plenty of use in them, but need a pick-up in productivity.

With Cybelec press brake controllers, your team can get dimensions, angles, metal types, and thicknesses into the program for a particular job simply and easily. You choose the version of Cybelec controller you need for bending, shearing, press brakes, or other sheet metal operations, or Mac-Tech can help you determine which Cybelec CNC press brake controller you need to accomplish your goals of increasing productivity, reducing waste, and keeping costs down.

Like all CybTouch products, it was designed so that anybody could start using it right away. With a very intuitive HMI displaying only the necessary information, and a high level of automation, all of the CybTouch products are extremely easy to use and are ready to be integrated.

    • High-contrast touchscreen, with vivid colors
    • Simple pages, large keys, clear display with all the information the operator needs
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • Complete programming of parts in seconds
    • Quick set up of the machine with the EasyCut page
    • Contextual help and warning pop-up.

Products include but are certainly not limited to:


Mac-tech can help you figure out which unit will best suit your needs!