Daily Maintenance Tips for Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Daily Maintenance Tips for Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Daily Maintenance Tips for Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Machines and tools, including fiber laser cutting machines, are invaluable assets to your fabrication shop. These machines can cut with high quality, speed, efficiency, and precision, making them an essential component of every shop. However, you need to maintain the fiber laser cutting machines in order to keep producing high-quality parts.

Check the Cutting Head

Every part of the fiber laser cutter is critical in performing well and continuing to produce high-quality cuts, but the most crucial part of your laser cutter is the cutting head. Left unchecked after each run, this incredibly fragile part will eventually become damaged. Check and clean the laser cutting head before and after every use to avoid costly damage to the cutting head.

Steel Belt

The steel belt applies pressure to the metal, ensuring that the piece stays in place during the cutting process. If the metal sheet shifts, this will result in a failed cut, which costs you time and material. Ensuring the belt is in good operating condition protects you from these failures. Periodically inspect the tension on your belt, and if you suspect the tension is off, consult your operating manual or contact Mac-Tech for support and technical assistance.

Check for Debris

With any metalwork, debris is inevitable. Those pesky little shards get stuck in the tiniest of places and can create a real headache with your machine. This is why it’s imperative that you keep the machine clean and free of debris. Keeping your workstation clean ensures that the slag drawer doesn’t jam shut, temperatures remain consistent, gas for the machine doesn’t get contaminated, and the track stays even. If you don’t regularly clean, any of these variables could affect your machine’s performance, which could lead to costly repairs.


On top of checking that no debris can affect the operation of the machine, you should also ensure the guide rails are properly lubricated. Cleaning them regularly also ensures that debris does not get onto the track and cause problems. But proper lubrication is also essential for the machine to have consistent, even movements.

These were only a few of the daily maintenance tips for fiber laser cutting machines. By applying these maintenance techniques, you will ensure consistent quality and accuracy across jobs. If your current fiber laser cutting machine is older, produces subpar parts, and is hard to maintain, you may want to consider upgrading your machine. Consider a 2D laser cutter from Mac-Tech. We have an extensive product offering that can fit your need, so contact us today.

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