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For over 40 years, Delem has been the leader in CNC controls for sheet metal fabrication machines, from press brakes to shears. Delem’s touchscreen technology and operator-friendly interface allows metalworkers to input precise data for a specific job and save that data set as a program for future jobs with identical specifications.

Whether you need CNC controls retrofitted for older machines or you need new CNC controls to accommodate new machinery or upgraded capacity, Delem can provide solutions, and Mac-Tech can supply the CNC controls from Delem that you need for your press brakes or sheet metal shears.

Delem even provides offline software for you to program that allows you to save your designs and specifications locally. With both graphical and numeric program creation, you can count on Delem CNC controls to give you the flexibility you need to produce the precise products you want. Call Mac-Tech today to talk about what Delem CNC controls can do for you.

Dedicated to the sheet metal forming industry, Delem is a leader in CNC solutions, for shears, press brakes and offline.

Flexible solutions support versatile machine functionality! Industrial grade electronics and touch user interface hardware ensure reliability and bring machine functionality to your hands at a glance.

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