Metal Dust Collectors

Dust Collector Machines

Fumes and smoke are a given in any metal fabrication process, and without proper ventilation or filtration, operators end up breathing them in. This process also exposes you to especially harmful metal dust particles. Protect your workers from health risks with proper filtration and improved air quality with metal dust collectors. Mac-Tech has the perfect solution for dust control!

SERIES 300 | S311

With 1500 CFM of smoke capturing power, this single or double fume arm unit is a heavy hitter, easily handling your tough manual welding situations. This metal dust collector will keep workers safe and prevent health risks.

SERIES 100 | G120

VentBoss’s top of the line portable, with the unique ability to quickly change from an extra-large 8” Fume arm or dual 6” Arms, to a Back Draft or a Down Draft table! All in one powerful 1200 CFM unit, with onboard compressed air tank.

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