Dynatorch XLR8 HF

Dynatorch XLR8 HF


The Dynatorch XLR8 HF Series CNC plasma machine is sold as a complete cutting package, for use with certified high frequency start units. The Dynatorch XLR8 HF Series is created to operate with cutting speeds well in excess of 400 IPM that are demanded by larger amperage, multiple cutting gas, and high production Oxygen Plasma generators. These Plasma generator’s offer fast dross “free” cutting, that saves time and labor, increasing production.

  • Multiple Table Sizes
  • SigmaNEST Automatic TrueShape Nesting
  • Choice of Thermal Dynamics of Hypertherm Plasma Generator
  • Multi-Gas
  • 1600+ IPM Cutting Speed

The ability to utilize multi-gas, high speed precision plasma generators gives you cleaner cuts (less dross) with much less bevel, even on thicker materials. Our 100% closed loop, servo drives give not only speed but phenomenal cutting accuracy. Our Dynatorch software incorporates hole optimization, pierce delay, limited torch lift between cuts and radius improvement settings to increase cut quality and production. Plus, the Dynatorch XLR8 HF Ser includes the superior RF Noise Suppression measures that High Frequency Plasma Systems require.

When we say a complete system we mean it. This is a true “Turn-Key” product. Everything from the Industrial computer console to on-site training is provided.

Made in the USA.



Heavy duty welded steel table and gantry with a bright red powder coating finish. All axes utilize precision ground 25mm linear guide rails and bearing blocks just like the high end machines. Torch collision protection is built into the Z-axis slide assembly. The new upgraded frame is now constructed from 2×4 tubing. This change allows the capacity with either dust collection system to be over 3,000 lbs.


New Closed loop Brushless Servo drive. These are 400W motors driving low backlash planetary gearboxes on the X- and Y-axis. No belts or pulleys. The drives are engaged into the racks with air pressure to eliminate backlash.


  • PlasmaMate shape library that lets you draw shapes commonly used in industry quickly and without a CAD system. PlasmaMate also draws cutable multi font lettering with the same ease, included.
  • Arbor Image, a professional level raster to vector conversion software to process scanned clipart, bitmaps, etc., into cuttable images, is optional software.
  • ProgeCAD, a powerful 2D CAD software, utilizes DXF and DWG file formats is optional software.
  • SigmaNEST Professional level automatic true shape nesting and automatic file preparation that includes kerf offset, automatic insertion of lead ins and outs, configurable post processor and many more features, optional software.


The Dynatorch XLR8 HF Series Plasma Cutting System includes the latest version of our fast response, high sensitivity arc voltage torch height controller. This new version is equipped with our recently introduced electronic stabilization system that gives even smoother height control. All control is integrated into the software for seamless operation and on-the-fly operator interface.  High frequency ohmic sensing available as on option.


Select an air or water table type dust suppression system. The Dynatorch XLR8 HF Series Plasma Cutting System can be configured with a collection system that removes plasma smoke generated anywhere on the cutting table surface. The water table allows the water level to be raised and lowered using normal shop air pressure. The air table uses our proprietary design with no moving parts or “zones” to capture fugitive dust and smoke and is highly efficient and effective.