Erbend UFA Manual Folding Machine


The Erbend UFA manual folding machine is a high-quality machine that supports commercial needs for metal fabrication. Any company that folds metal on a regular basis can benefit from this machine. Of course, this machine makes your daily operations significantly easier. As a result, the Erbend UFA manual folding machine will help your company improve productivity and efficiency. Check out our standard features below, and watch our video to see the Erbend UFA manual folding machine in action. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team online or call us at 888-MAC-9555. We’re happy to help.


  • Vertical clamping beam with 200mm stroke
  • Easy tool clamping system with exclusive Erbend design
  • All segmented tools are 42CrMo4 material, 60 HRC laser induction surface hardened and grinded
  • Bending angle stabilization system
  • Clamping beam stabilizer arm
  • Clamping beam stabilizer foot pedal
  • Unique pressure springs allow for easier clamping re-swivel
  • The special return springs enable easier folding re-swivel
  • 500mm manual back gauge system
  • Tool, and accessory cabinet holder



  • Sheet Length – 1050
  • Steel – 1.5
  • Stainless – 1
  • Aluminum – 2.2
  • Dimensions – 750 / 1300 / 1515
  • Weight – 280