Metal Deburring Machines – Metal Surface Finishing Machines

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Mac-Tech is proud to offer some of the finest CNC metal deburring and metal surface finishing machines available to those in the metalworking industry. Our metal deburring machines offer innovative, time-saving methods for the finishing and deburring of metal.

Midwest Automation Metal Finishing 

If you’re looking for an industrial machinery manufacturer with real application knowledge, we’d like to show you Midwest Automation. Their extensive application knowledge, coupled with creative machine design, allows them to provide unique and reliable solutions that improve your manufacturing processes, while also supported by domestic parts and service.

They’re “Midwest” manufacturing results since 1959.

Lissmac Metal Processing

LISSMAC systems for metal processing set benchmarks in innovative sheet metal processing through highly-effective, two-sided deburring and edge rounding of punched, laser and fine plasma cut workpieces using only one work process. This metal deburring equipment makes the LISSMAC system an indispensable sheet metal deburring machine for any organization interested in increasing productivity.

We also provide service for your metal deburring and metal surface finishing machines. Contact us today for service.