GL Material Coiling Laser Cutting Machine



Discover unparalleled precision and efficiency with the GFA Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. Equipped with an advanced Bus Control System, this cutting-edge machinery offers robust and versatile functionalities. Experience eco-friendly and intelligent operations, benefiting from intelligent path optimization through a new algorithm, smart vibration control, dual drive torque protection, and air pressure DA correction. Elevate your metal fabrication processes with this state-of-the-art system, designed for seamless, precise cutting of various materials and thicknesses.




Bus Control System

  • The enhanced version of the bus control system offers robust and versatile functions, providing users with an eco-friendly and intelligent control system that operates through user-friendly operations.
  • Intelligent path optimization powered by a new algorithm.
  • Smart vibration control mechanism.
  • Torque protection applied to dual drives.
  • Air pressure DA correction feature.
Segmented Splicing Machine Bed

The machine bed comprises multiple sections, enabling customizable configurations to meet diverse requirements for extended machine bed lengths. This design flexibility facilitates the seamless cutting of large-format sheets with ease.

Production Process Database

Users have the capability to access cutting technology stored in the database, allowing for the precise cutting of sheets made of various materials and thicknesses.

This includes:

  • Nano joint technology
  • Fly cutting of thin sheets
  • Edge searching for round discs
Bus-based Laser Cutting Heads

HSG has pioneered a range of high-power bus laser cutting heads, spanning from 10kW to 40kW. These innovations stem from extensive research into the interaction between metal materials and laser technology. This advancement ensures stable cutting of thick sheets in bulk production scenarios.

Our advancements include:

  • Optical filming to prevent lens pollution
  • Real-time monitoring of laser focus
  • Bus-based height adjusting system
  • Laser path reshaping technology



Process Various Types of Bevels

The P series cutting head equipped with the HSG bus system enables the realization of 0-45° bevel cutting, encompassing various bevel types such as V bevels, X bevels, Y bevels, and more.



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