HBP Semi-Automatic

Behringer HBP SemiAuto | Mac-Tech


This is a machine range that should not be missing from any workshop. Anyone needing to machine work pieces at varying angles will achieve not only perfect results but also a tidy profit using this range of mitre bandsaws. The sawing angle can be simply changed with a quick and easy setting. With optimum precision for profiles up to 20″ in width and without fiddly, time consuming adjustment. Other bonuses: All the saw blade guiding components are made of cast iron, making these machines not only highly durable but extremely precise too. And all at an exceptional cost-to-performance ratio.

  • Frequency controlled saw drive
  • Backlash-free pre-tensioned saw blade guides
  • Hydraulic blade tensioning
  • Hydraulic material clamping
  • Steplessly adjustable clamping pressure


The machines all offer scope for individual retrofitting – with a range of options to substantially enhance your production efficiency:

  • Spray mist cooling system
  • Linear laser
  • Vertical clamping unit
  • Transport systems
  • And much more


Coming Soon!