HBP Series

Behringer HBP | Mac-Tech


All the models of the HBP series are true all-rounders – tubes, profiles, and solids. Both for automatic series cutting assignments and for one-off cuts. Easy to operate, flexible in use, economical and extremely fast. All in all: Perfection – and at a surprisingly affordable price.

  • Fully automatic height setting of the saw frame
  • Hydraulic saw blade tensioning with electrical monitoring
  • Hydraulic material clamping
  • Steplessly adjustable material gripper clamping pressure
  • Ball screw for precise material positioning
  • Electronically controlled cutting speed
  • Steplessly adjustable saw feed


The machines of this series are not only available in a wide range of available equipment variants, they can also be tailored to your very own specific requirements:

  • Automatic guide arm adjustment
  • Electrically powered chip conveyor
  • Blade deflection monitoring system
  • Programmable feed and cutting rates (AFC)
  • Spray mist cooling system
  • And many more additional features


Coming Soon!