How To Choose the Right Plasma Cutter

How To Choose the Right Plasma Cutter

How To Choose the Right Plasma Cutter

Metal fabrication shops wouldn’t be the same without plasma cutters. These machines increase shop efficiency and make fabricators’ lives so much easier. However, it can be difficult for supervisors to choose the correct device because there are many variations on the market. Thus, managers should follow this guide on how to choose the right plasma cutter if they’re struggling to make a decision. It’s better to do a little research beforehand than make a regrettable mistake that employees will never let their boss forget.

Quality of the Cut

Cut quality is the number one thing to keep in mind when shopping for a plasma cutter. After all, it’d be awful to spend a massive chunk of change on a tool that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Therefore, employers should ask distributors if the device meets all regulation standards before signing on the dotted line. Perhaps folks can even see the machine in action before purchasing to ensure it can produce high-quality cuts. Individuals should also inquire about capabilities regarding thickness. For example, the Ermak ELP is equipped with a 220 mm standard stroke, so it can cut through relatively thick products. This is the type of plasma cutter bosses would be lucky to have in their shop.

User-Friendliness & Safety

After supervisors ask about the machine’s quality, they should also inquire about its user-friendliness. Plasma cutters are supposed to make a fabricator’s job easier, so they don’t have to do such backbreaking work. That’s why many shop owners like to invest in plasma cutters with CNC systems because workers can make adjustments more easily. Computer-generated systems also keep employees safe because they can input specifications on a touchscreen rather than doing things by hand. Thus, CNC mechanisms are a great advantage to any plasma cutter on the market.

Another safety precaution that managers should keep in mind while shopping is whether the device has emergency stop buttons. Metalworkers must be able to reach a switch that stops the machine when things go wrong. These safety components minimize the likelihood of workplace accidents, and thus, are more appealing to buyers.


Many managers get so focused on what the machine can do that they forget about the importance of practicality. This is a detrimental mistake that can have dire consequences. So, shop owners should keep size in mind while selecting a plasma cutter because this plays a critical role in shop efficiency. If the device is too big, it could mess up a shop’s workflow and potentially cause injuries. Thus, shop owners must ensure the specifications will work with the design before they spend too much dough.

Employers should follow this guide on how to choose the right plasma cutter for their shop. Ignoring this advice will lead to significant problems in the future. Another pro tip is to always purchase machines from superior manufacturers. Mac-Tech is a world leader in metal fabrication equipment, and we never steer our clients in the wrong direction. We sell top-of-the-line plasma cutters and structural steel fabrication machinery for shops that want something to help increase productivity. Our team knows that time is money, so we want to help everyone work as quickly as possible.

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