HSG High Powered Lasers

HSG High Performance Laser Cutting Machines

Level up your production with the HSG Laser lineup. Our machines are powered by high-speed dynamics and precision engineering, ensuring superlative speed, acceleration, repeatability, and more. Experience ultimate dynamic performance with nanoscale precision, elevating your cutting processes to new heights of excellence.


Achieve exceptional efficiency with a maximum linkage speed of 200m/min and a maximum linkage acceleration of 4.0G, effortlessly enhancing your sheet processing operations.

Bus Control System

  • Upgraded version of bus control system has strong and diverse functions, which makes users enjoy green and intelligent control system through simple operations.
  • Intelligent path optimization with brand-new algorithm
  • Smart vibration control
  • Torque protection of dual drives
  • DA correction of air pressure

If you have any questions about this industrial fiber laser, reach out to one of our experts. We’re happy to help.