In-Depth Look at How Hydraulic Press Brakes Work

In-Depth Look at How Hydraulic Press Brakes Work

In-Depth Look at How Hydraulic Press Brakes Work

A hydraulic press brake is an essential piece of equipment in industries relating to sheet metal fabrication. There are two popular types in the sheet metal fabrication community: the manual press brakes and the press brakes operating on hydraulic power.

Hydraulic press brakes are the safest and more controllable than a mechanical brake. They generally allow for multiple speed settings. Hydraulic also allows for more precision bends, providing greater control when inching down and getting set for a job.

Another advantage of a hydraulic brake is that you can reverse your stroke at any time. But how does it work? Read this in-depth look at how hydraulic press brakes work to educate yourself on the specifics of this essential piece of machinery.

How Does a Hydraulic Press Brake Work?

A hydraulic press brake uses the power of a hydraulic motor to apply force onto the metal, compressing it into the die forming the shape. It is the shape of the die that determines the shape acquired with the metal bending process.

Why Use a Hydraulic Press?

Hydraulic press brakes can carry out an automated bending process, and the choice of many manufacturers looking for cost-effective bending processes. The precision of the bending is also exact. Moreover, as hydraulic press brakes are available in user-friendly formats, the operator’s ease of use allows for fast metal bending operations.

The Bending Device of a Hydraulic Press

The bending device of a hydraulic press brake is a stamping process where the sheet metal is stamped into the mold or dies for casting the metal to the required shape. Sheet metal is fed into the device, which gets aligned onto the die. Then as force is applied, the metal is cast as per the shape of the die.

The Die of a Hydraulic Press

The die is a crucial part of a hydraulic brake because the shape and strength of the die shape the metal. It is possible to cast almost any shape using the latest devices that come with standard and upgraded options for easy and customized shaping. For accuracy in the shaping process, hydraulic press brakes are also designed to be vibration-free.

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