Industries That Rely on Metal Fabrication

Industries That Rely on Metal Fabrication

Industries That Rely on Metal Fabrication

You’d be hard-pressed to find a metal fabrication shop that isn’t bustling with people. The reason why these establishments are so busy all of the time is because they provide services for so many businesses. This piece will overview some of the various industries that rely on metal fabrication. After reading, perhaps you’ll develop a newfound appreciation for the field whose products are mostly behind the scenes.


Construction workers and architects work with metal fabricators every day. This relationship is vital because architects need certain materials to build the structures that we inhabit on a daily basis. Think about a standard office building. Construction workers don’t simply glue together four pieces of sheet metal and call it a day. Instead, the men and women in orange need angled materials to construct a building. Fortunately, fabricators can use metal fabrication equipment to make this a reality.

Some of the devices that metalworkers use to create construction parts include press brakes and plasma cutters. Press brakes allow metal professionals to bend metal and other materials in certain ways, so they fit into tough spots. Perhaps it’s best to think about a press brake as forming Lego pieces. The machine bends materials in unique ways so that they fit together into a perfect puzzle.

Plasma cutters don’t bend materials, but rather break through them. Plasma cutters were monumental to the field of metal fabrication because they greatly improve efficiency. Without these devices, workers would have to cut through heavy-duty material by hand. Plasma cutters are equipped with a high-beam laser that makes cutting a much easier process.


Another industry that relies on metal fabrication is aerospace. After all, airplanes don’t just fall out of the sky. Instead, building an aircraft is a rigorous process with multiple steps. One of the first steps in that process is working with a metal fabrication shop. Essentially, aerospace professionals will give the blueprints to fabricators so they can make the cuts and bends they need. Again, this is a very detailed process. Exact specifications must be made so that the final product is safe and meets governmental regulations.


Like planes, cars don’t magically appear. Instead, the building process is complex, and metal is needed to make every vehicle on the assembly line. Fabricators use press brakes and plasma cutters like they do to help other industries, to make cars that are on the streets every day. Metalworkers also use another tool to ensure consumers get the rides of their dreams—deburring machines. Automated deburring machines, like the ones sold at Mac-Tech, help get rid of any unwanted markings or scratches on a piece of material. Since fabricators use such high-tech devices, there’s bound to be a little wear and tear on the subsequent products. Fortunately, workers don’t have to get rid of this stuff on their own anymore. Automated systems will take care of it for them and increase productivity while doing so.


Believe it or not, those in the medical profession also have a relationship with metal fabrication shops. Fabricators can help make important tools that assist physicians with saving lives. Things like surgical tools and headlamps doctors use to illuminate a patient are all items created by those who work in metal shops. Obviously, creating these devices requires a little more skill than large-scale items used in construction. That’s why metal fabrication shops should develop top-of-the-line training programs so that everyone knows what they’re doing. Not only will extra training ensure better items are produced, but the more training someone has, the less likely it is that workplace accidents will occur. For this reason, training programs are needed.


Military officials use superior weapons to fight their enemies in combat. However, these weapons don’t just magically appear—far from it. Instead, like they do for other industries, metal fabricators use machines to create the items from scratch. All fields have governmental guidelines in place to ensure that everything’s safe. However, the military has the strictest restrictions because they must be approved by higher-up officials. After all, our servicemen and women deserve to have the highest level of equipment by their side while on the battlefield.


Plumbing may not be as intense as the military, but these professionals also receive parts from metal fabrication shops. Piping systems are much more complex than most people realize. There’s so much that goes into flushing the toilet. For example, piping systems need expansion joints that help it expand when hot water flows through it. Without these parts, pipes may burst, causing a major headache. Metalworkers can create these components and other things that keep H20 flowing smoothly through.

Oil Industry

The oil industry also uses pipelines, so naturally, they work with metalworkers, too. Unlike piping systems in households, oil pipelines must be intricately designed because there’s little room for error. Expansion joints are needed because high-temperature liquids always flow through them. Additionally, oil pipelines must be designed with lots of twists and turns. That’s why metalworkers and engineers must be consulted while building these mechanisms. Only a trained professional could create systems like these.

Many individuals don’t realize the importance of metal fabrication in their everyday lives. In reality, fabricators are consulted to create items we use on the regular. This article has shown that their skills are needed for architecture, creating cars, military weapons, and high to low-grade plumbing systems. Metal fabrication is all around us; we just need to know where to look.

Metal fabrication shops that are busy completing projects for these industries need top-of-the-line equipment to do so. Shops should look no further than Mac-Tech for metal fabrication equipment. We have superior press brakes, plasma cutters, and deburring devices. We have everything you need to complete all the steps in the process. Moreover, we have an excellent helpline and team that’ll do repairs when necessary. So, contact us today. Our machines will increase productivity and ensure that every job is completed to the highest standard possible. We know how much people’s safety depends on it.

Industries That Rely on Metal Fabrication

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