IRE Show Special Stefa VEX All Electric Up-Down Long Folder

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Introducing the latest breakthrough in CNC metal folding technology, the Stefa VEX by Mac-Tech All Electric CNC Double Folder. This innovative machine marks a significant milestone in the roofing industry, addressing a longstanding need that roofers have been eagerly anticipating. With its cutting-edge design and advanced electric capabilities, the Stefa VEX streamlines the metal folding process like never before. Roofers can now achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency, making their jobs easier and more efficient than ever. Say goodbye to traditional methods and welcome the future of metal folding with the Stefa VEX All Electric CNC Up-Down Folder.

Standard Features

  • Fully electric all axis are electrically driven
  • Speed and positioning precision
  • Perfect bending and hemming every time
  • Positive and negative bending with 270° of flexibility
  • The automatic gripper on the gauge eliminates the need for additional set of hands
  • Conical bending
  • Fast and intelligent built in shear
  • Everything is protected with safter lasers and fencing around the machine
  • EliteBender X Controller