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18.3 m (60’) long, 3 m (10’) wide, 6 kW powered Fibermak is the longest ever built Fiber Laser Cutting Machine by ERMAKSAN. Furthermore its 2 axes cutting head by motorized ±45o left to right movement gives the ability of linear bevel cutting @ any ≤45o for welding processes. This 18.3 m (60’) long Fibermak by bevel cutting head is built for conical light-poles production as a tailor made product. This machine with 6 kW resonator has cutting capacity of mild steel at thickness of 25 mm perpendicular and 15 mm angular cutting. 4 internal, 1 external HD/IP cameras show cutting and shuttle table replacements procedures live to the operator on 2 full HD 25” monitors at different angles. As far as the suction cells open actively according to the position of cutting head which provides accurate absorption, the 18 pieces of lateral conveyors work actively according to the position of cutting head which provides effective waste disposal and reduces electricity consumption. With 50 years of technological investment and our innovative R&D department, Ermaksan has become one of the world’s leading companies in the sheet metal fabrication machinery industry. Ermaksan designs and manufactures durable, productive and value based machinery. We do this by continuously meeting customer demands and exceeding industry standards towards sustainable growth.



All software on the Control Panel has been developed by the Ermaksan engineers and special additions can be made.

  • Control panel is the unit which controls the system and sends the user commands to the machine.
  • Control panel is resistant to various environmental
  • conditions.
  • Shock, dirt, humidity, temperature, etc.
  • Touch screen and an external keyboard is available.
  • The axis speed can be controlled with the speed adjustment potentiometer on the control panel.
  • NC graphic display.


  • Manually Adjustable Focus Lens
  • Precise Height Control
  • Lower Protection Glass

Cutting capabilities of 6 mm MS by Ermak 500 W, 10 mm MS by Ermak 1000 W resonators.