Fiber Laser Loading/Unloading

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ERMAKSAN’s bridge type vacuum loading system provides users with great convenience by ensuring that the raw material can be easily and automatically loaded onto the shuttle table precisely and smoothly. It is a practical and economical solution for mass production.

  • A carrier bridge between raw material piling table and shuttle table
  • Takes the sheet metal to be cut from the piling table and moves it onto the shuttle
  • Vacuum lifter assembly to lift the raw material
  • Powerful pneumatic vacuum lifters lift the sheet metal into the air with suction
  • X and Z axes for vacuum lifter assembly
  • They enable forward – backward and up – down movement of the vacuum lifter assembly
  • With the automatic separation system, during the lifting movement of the vacuum lifter’s lifting movement, two sheets are separated from each other by means of the air blown
  • The thickness of the sheet is measured before it is transported to the shuttle This guarantees accurate operation of the system during operation without operator. If the measured thickness is different from the cutting thickness defined in Fibermak, it is perceived as it has lifted double or more cohesive sheets and the process of automatic separation of sheet metal piling is repeated.


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