MRGM-H 2060

With greater motor power and a longer length than the MGRM-H 1360, the MRGM-H 2060 can take your metal fabrication operations to the next level. Use it as a shear machine or beam cutting machine to cut sheet metal without lasers or other cutters that melt or burn metal.

Mac-Tech has MRGM-H 2060 metal shearing machine for sale with standard welded steel construction and high carbon/high chrome blades. These machines also offer pedal operation and safety cages. But we also offer additional options, such as optic safety guarding and cutting line illumination. Take a look at the specifications, and you’ll discover this may be just the metal shear machine your shop needs.


  • Welded steel construction
  • High carbon/high chrome, two edged top, four edged bottom cutting blades.
  • Cutting beam working in perfectly sliding, durable teflon slideways
  • Easy maintenance clutch system
  • Manual backgauge with 750 mm stroke
  • Squaring arm with ruler
  • Foot pedal
  • Front sheet holding arms
  • Protection cages
  • Cutting unit counter



  • NC control backgauge with 750 mm stroke
  • NC control backgauge with 1000 mm stroke
  • Cutting unit counter
  • Pneumatic thin sheet support system
  • Optic safety guarding
  • 0-180 º angular cutting device
  • Cutting line illumination