NASCC Show Special Amtek APC 1200 Automated Coper and Conveyor

AMTEK APC 1200 Automated Coper and Conveyor

Material handling refers to moving materials from storage to machines for processing, and then returning to storage afterward.

When it comes to productivity, material handling is often overlooked. Many individuals seek out machines to accelerate processing, but this is not always the most effective solution. In reality, the act of moving materials in and out of the processing center can be more time-consuming than the actual processing. This is particularly true in fabrication shops where large and cumbersome materials are constantly being transported for processing. Therefore, material handling equipment is essential in these situations.

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AMTEK material handling: why choose us?

  • Our roller conveyors are the STRONGEST in the industry at a FRACTION OF THE COST.

  • You can drop a 1 ton beam from 1 meter above onto our rollers and they will withstand without any problems.

  • 3 years warranty on all of our material handling.

  • As our roller conveyors come with only rollers, there is no need to repair them.

  • As opposed to other manufacturers, we can customize material handling according to your needs and shop size.

  • Your flow will be maximized and your costs will be minimized with our layout.

  • Material handling will work with all industry equipment.

  • Our automated material handling systems can work unsupervised/unmanned.

  • You can move your materials from point A to point B with just one button. It will lift, roll, and transfer your materials without the need for the operator to step in.