Fiber Tube Lasers: the next evolution from Mac-Tech



Mac-Tech’s history in tube lasers stretches back to the late 1990’s. It was then we sold our first Mazak Optonics tube laser. For around $1,000,000 at the time, you would have been able to purchase this tube laser -- which sported an 11.9 inch-round capacity, a 2000-watt Panasonic resonator, and a V-series load system. That load system itself had had 25 motors, two Fanuc controllers, and a feed rate of about ½ G.

 Mazak vs. BLM: a difference in speed

 However, it seemed that BLM (Adige) always took the second sale, offering a product with a smaller diameter bundle feed accompanied by high-speed tube cutting.

 We discovered that the 12-inch capacity Mazak setup did have its drawbacks: the tube was heavy, plus the 25 motors required a large amount of coordination. While the BLM laser featured less capacity (~5 inches) and fewer motors, it was also much faster. 

New fiber tube lasers from Ermaksan are here

 This was an important lesson for our team, and so much has changed in the metal cutting industry over the years. As part of our commitment to providing the best options for our customers, we’re proud to bring NEW fiber tube lasers to North America. This is made possible through our partner Ermaksan, which is based in Bursa, Turkey.

We’re committed to service and quality

 Rest assured that we use the same tried and true components from our well-established flat sheet fiber laser product line, including Lantek Flex 3-D Tube software. Plus, all Mac-Tech tube lasers are supported by a skilled and experienced fiber tube engineer from our staff.

Mac-Tech knows tube lasers

 We know tube lasers and would love the opportunity to help answer your questions or help you through your discovery process. Our website provides more information about lasers as well as helpful videos.

 Or, you can arrange a personal visit with the Mac-Tech team today!