How Mac-Tech rolls: 37 years of skill and metal industry experience

Akyapak Roller


After 37 years in the metal fabricating machinery business, I have found that certain abilities have been lost and forgotten. Mac-Tech is proud to keep this knowledge alive. The bottom line: there’s a lot to learn about metal plate rolling, and our team can help you roll in style.

We’ve worked with many different companies in the industry

As a bit of background, Mac-Tech began years ago as the premier seller of Bertsch plate and angle rolls. We’ve also worked with Roundo and Montgomery.

  • Bertsch: An American company that had pioneered the hydraulic planetary drive system. They were highly regarded in the industry for providing a world class product.
  • Roundo: A strong European metal bending/rolling manufacturer which had a dominant impact in North America through their importer, Comeq from Baltimore. They built a heavy duty linear guide system that competed well with Bertsch.
  • Montgomery (O.B.): A respectable heavy duty roll that Mac-Tech took under its wing. We valued their 2-roll urethane roll, which was able to craft tight diameter parts without scratching.

Competitive pricing and quality with Turkish plate rolls

Following our commitment to quality and fair pricing, our Turkish partners are competing at all levels from torsion bar leveling to linear guide systems. Our partners allow us to provide plate and angle rolls in varying configurations -- thin to many inches thick – that are also built for long term success.

Now that you know a bit about our history, here’s some tips to help you make sound decisions for your metal rolling requirements.

Tip #1: Watch the fine print on plate rolling

First, plate rolls are sold with 2 ratings: the pre-bend capacity rating and the roll capacity.

When you size your bending or metal rolling machine, be certain to address these issues. A Mac-Tech sales engineer can professionally address these ratings and help you make a proper recommendation.

Plate rolling also steps in with another requirement: minimum roll diameters. This is tricky; and it can be a slippery slope as well, where some manufacturers play loosely.

For example: most rolls are very similar in terms of their minimum roll diameters. So, if you see something like “a ½ inch plate roll capable of rolling a diameter at 1.2 times top roll diameter,” it seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it is! Roll diameters that tight are only for the lightest gauge materials -- not necessarily the quoted capacities.

Our sales engineers are equipped to have a full (and clear) discussion with you regarding these various pitfalls to help guide you to a secure and well-evaluated decision.

Tip #2: The advantages and disadvantages of CNC

Let’s chat on CNC for a bit. Like all machines, CNC has many advantages for the owner and the operator. But there are some aspects of CNC for metal rolling that you should be aware of.

Thinking about CNC like a press brake of fiber laser is a bit more complex. Imagine rolling a plate continuously -- with some tolerance in thickness plus or minus -- and then, control that radius throughput.

Most users recognize that CNC can get you close; but that manual operator involvement is required to do it properly. Remember that if you over-roll the part, it can’t simply be undone. The part is scrap.

As such, you need to work into your diameter with skill, attention, and precision. Mac-Tech specializes in the skill of rolling metal, and our technical engineers are eager to work with you.

Tip #3: Metalworking and metal rolling skill

Speaking of skill -- skill is likely the most important aspect of rolling or bending metal. In our experience, consistently applied metal rolling skill is the toughest area of support we address for our customers. As such, we’re proud of our experienced metal rolling engineers, who can help to both launch your program and train your staff, which maintains your investment. And yes, we even provide metal cone rolling training!

Need an expert advisor on metal rolling?

We’re glad you’re considering Mac-Tech and appreciate the time you have taken to visit us today. Our team is honored to put our 37 years of industry experience to work.

Get in touch with us to discuss how a Mac-Tech partnership can benefit your business!