Mac-Tech Training 2018

Press Brake Training 2018


June 29, 2018 we invited some techs from various companies who wanted to train their techs on the Delem controllers and the Ermaksan bends by our senior tech Aaron Berga.

Berga is Mac-Tech's press brake guru. There was also a cookout of brats on this occasion. This video is of the class portion of the event.




Here is a testimonial of the event


"Thank you very much for the opportunity to come learn more about Press Brakes from the great people at Mac-Tech, and the scrumptious brats!  Aaron was a very knowledgeable speaker and has lots of great insight into the setup and operation of press brakes. Being very new to press brakes I was able to pick up a lot of important details and am sure I’ll have more questions in the future.  I would love to attend another session to further my knowledge of press brakes and their capabilities. Have great weekend! Thanks,"


-  Patrick Schafer, Project Engineer at Everbrite, LLC