New Express Crowning System

Express Crowning

Challenge: Bending a part over 4-feet long on a press brake can lead to deflection, or “the canoe effect.”

Solution: The NEW Express Crowning system is the precise and consistent option for controlling deflection on your press brake by manually or electrically crowning the lower beam and securing dies with manual or hydraulic power.

Precise Adjustments

The NEW Express Crowning system offers precise macro and micro tuning. Macro crown capability adjusts beam up to 2.5mm to 3.5mm (depending on length), and micro crown adjustment is available at points every 200mm (7.78”) on the beam for fine-tuning up to .5mm (.020”).

Quick, Repeatable Crowning Power

Adjustment is fueled by either a manual crank with digital display located at the end of the unit or by an electric motor driven by the CNC machine control.

Secure Die Holding

The NEW Express Crowning system holds dies securely either by manually tightened set screws every inch or with quick and simple hydraulic power.

Durable Hardened Body

Like all Wilson Tool products, the NEW Express Crowning is built to last with a silver body hardened to 28-32 HRC, which makes it substantially tougher than the competition.


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