Marking, Punching, & Shearing Line for Angle Sections

Mac-Tech's AKD Angle Punching, Shearing & Marking Line provides a high production solution for power plant, or electrical poles, towers, oil refineries, and all steel construction applications.

Designed to punch 40x40 – 160x160 L angle iron automatically to programmed lengths.

12 meter input / output stands incorporated with a pushing jaw improves efficiency and accuracy.


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  • Punching Capacity: Angle Steel min:40x40x5 max.160x160x17
  • 2 x Triple C-Frame Punching Unit
  • 2 punch stations with 90 tons hydraulic cylinder each holds 3 quick punches
  • Max.hydraulic operating pressure is 250 bar
  • Max.diameter: ø32
  • Max.thickness: 20mm
  • Marking Systems: 1) Marking Cartridge 8 cassettes / 8 character
  • Angle Shear : 280 tons hydraulic cylinder
  • Max.Hydraulic operating pressure: 250 bar
  • Shearing Capacity: Angle Steel min:40x40x5 mm max.160x160x17 mm
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