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Take your laser cutting to new lengths with the NEW Ermaksan Fibermak Momentum Gen 3! The impressive Fibermak Momentum Gen 3 is available up to 26' Long x 8.5' Wide.  Every FIBERMAK comes standard equipped with a high-precision a Precitec cutting head and IPG resonator, perfect for cutting a multitude of metals up to 1" thick: Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper.

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Ermak Fibermak Gen-3 Side Load 3015 4KW Fiber Laser. Introducing the NEW Ermaksan Fibermak SL side loading fiber laser. The new side loading design is the right choice for workshops with limited space, without compromising the standards and quality of the Fibermak Momentum Gen-3 G Force.

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Model: Ermaksan Fibermak SM GEN3 4020 6000W fiber laser Cnc control: Beckhoff cnc control Cutting head: Precitec Pro Cutter Auto Focus Dual pallet hydraulic shuttle table Ipg 6000w resonator and chiller G force 2.5g high speed rack and pinion drives Lantek Expert Cut Cad/cam.

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In a journey that left behind half a century, Ermaksan is taking firm steps to the future by continuing to develop “innovative technologies”.

Ermaksan continues to operate with the 21st century’s innovative perspective, with the goal of becoming one of the world’s leading producers in the fields of technology and R&D.


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Ermaksan's Longest Fiber Laser Ever! The longest ever built Fiber Laser by ERMAKSAN! 18.3 m (60’) long, 3 m (10’) wide, 6 kW powered Fibermak is the longest ever built Fiber Laser Cutting Machine by ERMAKSAN. Furthermore its 2 axes cutting head by motorized ±45o left to right movement gives the ability of linear bevel cutting @ any ≤45o for welding processes. This 18.3 m (60’) long Fibermak by bevel cutting head is built for conical light-poles production as a tailor made product. This machine with 6 kW resonator has cutting capacity of mild steel at thickness of 25 mm perpendicular and 15 mm angular cutting. 4 internal, 1 external HD/IP cameras show cutting and shuttle table replacements procedures live to the operator on 2 full HD 25” monitors at different angles.

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Fibermak G-FORCE FlyCut

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This video is of the Ermaksan Fibermak GEN 3 3015 4 kilowatt with 10 shelf Towermak Automation at Lakeside Mfg in Milwuakee WI. Take your laser cutting to new lengths with the NEW Ermaksan Fibermak Gen 3! The impressive Fibermak Gen 3 is available up to 26' Long x 8.5' Wide. The FIBERMAK SM comes with a rack and pinion servo drive, allowing it to work continuously under the most demanding conditions while still maintaining a 0.001"positioning accuracy and 0.0006" repition accuracy.

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Features: 3.0kW IPG Resonator, ¾” Mild Steel Plate Capacity, 5’x16’ Dual-Pallet Tables, 8.0” Tube Chuck (Round/Square Profile Cutting), G-FORCE 2.5G Drives = 6,698 Inches/Minute Acceleration, Precitec PROCUTTER Auto Focus Cutting Head, Beckhoff CNC Control & Video Cutting Monitor, Lantek ExpertCUT CAD/CAD Software Package, Installation & Training Included, Parts & Labor Warranty Included

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Markets Served: Steel Service Center, Frame Makers, Industrial machinery Farm machinery, Furniture, Sports and recreation Cranes, Damper & Trailer, Lighting & Energy Poles Automative, Aerospace & Defense, Shelf Structural construction, Steel construction & architecture Hand railings, Medical technology System Component/Features: 2.0kW IPG-YLS FIBER Resonator: Mild Steel: .315” Stainless Steel: .315” Aluminum: .250” Beckhoff CNC Control, Drives, & Motors 1G Accelerations Precitec ProCUTTER Head Lantek FlexTUBE-3D Software

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Ermaksan Fibermak Gen-3 4000 watt Fiber Laser Installation for Lakeside Manufacturing