Power-Bend Pro

PowerBend Pro | Mac-Tech


Like a machine from the future, this fast machine predicts your next folding move. From it’s sleek design to it’s compact size.

  • PowerBend Pro 3100-135
  • 3 axis hydraulic press brake
  • (10.14 x 149 US Tons)
  • Cybelec DNC 600S Control
  • 3 Axis (Y1, Y2, X)
  • CNC 31.5″ X Axis Back Gauge
  • Manual Crowning
  • Fully Set of Precision Gooseneck Punch, 4 Way Die, and Die Holder



  • Special stroke and special throat depth options that provide advantage to the user in deep bendings • Control units; ER TOUCH MASTER, DELEM ER70, DELEM DA-58T, CYBELEC MODEVA PAC, ESA S640, STEP ER77 • Optional backguage stroke added backgauge fingers • Motorized crowning systems
  • Hydraulic oil cooling and heating system • Segmented top and bottom tools • Optional table width and bottom die V opening option • Tools for box or pole bending
  • Laser front protection options
  • Electric panel, oil tank and controller case can be heated and cooled optionally • Optional top and bottom tool holder
  • Optional Promecam mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic fast tool holder system • Tool storage cabinet
  • Automatic slide lubrication system that extends the lifetime of the sliding system • U-Type dies for thick material bending
  • Front support arms with additional movement to eliminate the stretching formed in thin materials • Special machine production according to sheet length and thickness depending on demand • AP3/AP4 motorized front sheet support system and parking place for reverse bending • Control panel and/or electricity panel are mountable to the right side of the machine according to the demand of the customer • Back sheet support system
  • Sheet extraction system • Pneumatic-finger back gauge system

Stronger, Faster And Deeper Bends…

Power-Bend Falcon Series machines redesigned based on users’ preferences to become a unique machine with its individual electronic and mechanical features.
Power-Bend Falcon Series are among the highest rated machines which will help you increase your productivity and keep costs at minimum level with its user-friendly CNC controller and low-cost hydraulic maintenance.
New Power-Bend Falcon is exactly what you need for your accurate single, or complicated multiple bend productions.

MOTORIZED CROWNING SYSTEM CNC crowning system that communicates with the CNC controller, performs crowning automatically and enables the part to be at even bending angle at any given point.

FINGER PROTECTION LASER SAFETY Laser safety units that is produced specially for press brakes and is the leader among safety systems. Laser safe keeps the operator’s safety at the top level.

Promecam type top tool clamping system which provides quick tool change can easily be loaded & unloaded.

15” High Resolution TFT 2D Graphical Touch Screen Delem 58T controls maximum 4 Axis and allows to control motorized crowning system and calculate bending steps automatically.

Power-Bend Falcon offers you 2 Axis (X and R) motorized back gauge system as standard. X and R Axis movements are precise by accurate servo motors mounted on back gauge system.

Perfect Combination of  Speed and Power…

The Power-Bend Pro Series has been re-designed according to the current needs of our users and has reached to a unique structure with its electronic and mechanical equipment which gives excellent results in normal, stainless, thin and thick sheet metals. The Power-Bend Pro Series Press Brakes are among the most preferred models with the user-friendly CNC control panel and low maintenance requiring hydraulic systems which keep the production costs in your facility at minimum level and reach to high production speeds. Power-Bend Pro which brings design and technology together will be an economical and permanent solution of your business, in narrow, wide, complex and precise bendings, in mass production requiring single or high speed.

EASY SERVICE WITH REMOTE ACCESS  For the solution of defects that may occur in the machine, time loss is minimized by interfering with remote access over the internet (ERTOUCH).

USER FRIENDLY  TOUCH SCREEN  The models can be seen on the screen  with the 3D feature of the controller realistically. Thus, it provides the operator with ease of distinguishing the objects from each other and ease of implementation (ERTOUCH).


Tools can be replaced without any need for an extra key for the standard used promecams on the machine.