Deburring/Finishing Machines

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Jonsen machines use high quality deburring material to ensure that you get the best finish possible. These belts, brushes and cylinders are easy to replace for your convenience. We offer various type of deburring material such abrasive nylon filament, steel wire, abrasive flap+scotch, and abrasive flap.


Abrasive belt: 

Brushes, Belt and Cylinder
Brushes and cylinder
Deburring Belt

Jonsen SB1300KG: Deburring, Grinding, and Edge Rounding Machine

The Jonsen SB1300-KG Deburring, Grinding, and Edge Rounding Machine is similar to the SB1300-K. It is equipped with steel wire for slag & big burr removal. The high speed wide belt works efficiently for grinding vertical burrs and oxide layer removal. Lastly, the cross belt smooths sharp edges.  




For Deburring, Grinding, and Edge Rounding.

Jonsen SG1030-JS+D Wide Belt Grinding, Deburring and Finishing Machine

The Jonsen SG1030-JS+D series is a dry operation wide belt grinding machine with a disk brush. It is suitable for surface grinding, deburring, and finishing material like steel, stainless steel, copper, less aluminum. A dry type machine works best with a wet type dust collector for safety work. 




For surface grinding, deburring and finishing steel, stainless steel and copper.



Jonsen SD300-JS+D: Metal Grinding and Deburring Machine (In Stock)

The Jonsen SD300-JS+D metal grinding and deburring machine is a dry processing machine made to achieve a uniform deburring of flat parts which also have complicated contours, curved surfaces and edge rounding. It is widely used for deburring precision punching spare parts, auto parts, precision mechanical parts, valve plate, and more. The modular design ensure different combinations of belt head and top brush assembly according to users' requirements.


Jonsen SD300-JS+D Metal Grinding and Deburring Machine
SD300-JS+D inside

Jonsen SD300-WJS+3D Disk Brush System Deburring Machine

The SD300-WJS+3D is a combination wet operation machine with abrasive belt and rotation type disk brush system. The SD300-WJS+3D is suitable for heavy grinding and efficient disk brush type deburring. The four heads on the machine can run together or separately for deburring or edge rounding. Typical user: Fine balnking press parts deburring. 


For heavy grinding and deburring.


Jonsen SG1300-JS/WJS Stainless Steel Sheet Finishing Machine

The JONSEN SG1300-JS/WJS Stainless Steel Finishing Machine is available wet or dry, with up to 4 belt options. It has a 54" roller table feed system that enables it to grind sheet as thin as 0.02". Therefore, it is ideally suited for stainless steel surface finishing. The 103"-long belt makes it possible to prolong its replacement cycle and improve its efficiency. The SG1300-JS/WJS is able to do both pure oil finishing and wet finishing.