Deburring/Finishing Machines

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Jonsen SG630-3WB: Scotch Brite Brush Finishing Machine

Jonsen's SG630-3WB is designed for the decorative finishing of high end electronic products (notebook PC, digital products, mobile telephone etc.). The distinctive steady current grinding by servo control is used on this machine. This machine uses Scotch-Brite Finishing Flab Brushes to provide improved consistency and greater control over polishing/aesthetic finishing and brushed finishes on copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. 


Jonsen SG630-3WB
Jonsen SG630-3WB inside
Jonsen SG630-3WB inside

Jonsen Planetary Type Metal Deburring Machine SP1000

Our Jonsen SP1000 Metal Deburring Machine is a planetary type automatic deburring machine, which is mainly applied in the fabrication industry for flat plate and milling parts. It can deburr on all edges and deeply in holes on 2D or 3D plates without removing protective foil or damaging the surface. The SP1000 is equipped with a powerful vacuum table and six abrasive barrels on the head.

Jonsen SP1000 Metal Deburring Machine
Jonsen SP1000 Metal Deburring Machine Close up
Jonsen SP1000 Metal Deburring Machine
Jonsen SP1000 Metal Deburring Machine Metal

Jonsen SBG1000: Two-Side-One-Pass Deburring Machine

The Jonsen SBG1000 Two-Side-One-Pass Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine gives excellent results from deburring precision sheet metal parts to slag grinding after laser or plasma cutting. It utilizes two deburring belts for processing all interior and exterior contours. The inlet conveyor belt carries the piece to be ground by the abrasive belt, which removes most of the vertical burrs and slag. At the same time, the bottom deburring belt is removing burrs on the back of the work piece.

Jonsen SBG1000  Two-Side-One-Pass Deburring Machine
Jonsen SBG1000 Two-Side-One-Pass Deburring Machine
Jonsen SBG1000

Intec® 510 - G2

The Techni INTEC-G2 series of water jet cutting systems represents the greatest value for money available in the world of profile abrasive waterjet cutting. The INTEC-G2 can cut almost any material to 8″ thick at maximum cutting speeds with minimum capital outlay. The INTEC-G2 is based on the same design platform as the Techjet X2.

Intec 510 G2

Jonsen SG630 Wide Belt Grinder

The Jonsen SG630-JS is the most widely used machine in the sheet metal processing industry. It is a wide belt grinding machine with a 24” table and allows up to 4 heads. Its main functions are to carry out deburring operation of stamping sheet metal articles, perform surface napping and polishing, and create HL effect. Very easy to operate. Available in Wet (JS) or Dry (WJS) models.