Pipe & Tube Benders

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AKYAPAK ABM 38 CNC Tube Bending Machine

You will get perfect results from bending your tubes up to 38 mm tube diameters with the AKYAPAK ABM 38 CNC Tube Bending Machine. Operational & functional abilities of a tube bender have never been this easy and technological since AKYAPAK has launched this ABM 38 model CNC Tube Bender.  You will get the advantage of great efficiency increase and will be able to enhance the possibility of getting high quality outcomes from your production processes.


ABM-E80 Tube Bending Machine

The Akyapak ABM-E80 Tube Bending Machine can bend tubes up to 80 mm diameter with high quality and accuracy. The machine has a complete electric moduler design and can be operated within the stack quantity range up to four pieces with certain diameter sizes. Machine has a complete electric modular design and can be operated up to 4 dies with certain diameter sizes. This provides operational ability for different bending radius values.