Press Brakes

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Ermaksan Green Press FX Servo Electric Press Brake

Makes bending by moving ram via synchronized 2 servo motors pulling belts on pulleys. Return of ram is by springs. There is no need for an hydraulic oil to operate the machine.

There is no any hydraulic system equipment such as hydraulic filters, sealings, etc. Thus the maintenance cost is very low comparatively. On the other hand there will be no any working environment pollution due to hydraulic leakages. FX Servo is Ermaksan’s green press by its silent working and low energy consumption.


Ermak CNC SpeedBend 3760-175 (In stock)

The CNC SPEEDBEND series is designed to work with a wide variety and where production speed is critical. Syncro systems are provided by synchronized cylinders with proportional valve technology and controlled through high powered CNC control. The NEW ER90 PLUS 3D control is used on our SPEEDBEND series. This controller’s easy usage, high capacity and fast processing power, durability and service network all around North America makes it one of today’s most popular. We are very proud to offer this machine to our customer and truly believe that we can not only change your bending culture, but help your company exceed expectations in your forming department. 

PowerBend PRO 4 Axes CNC Press Brake with Knee Gap & Seater

A perfect solution which gives cost and work area advantages to customers whom work with thin and small parts up to 1.27 m. Its ergonomic design by knee-gap, seater, work-desk and height adjustable CNC pendant arm provides comfortable working environment to the operators.

Focused on productivity and keeping costs at a minimum, the new Power-Bend Pro 4 Axes CNC Press Brake with Knee Gap & Seater comes standard equipped with:

Coast One CONE 1600 (In Stock)

The CoastOne CONE 1600 is the perfect for jobs that need a little extra strength, length, and tonnage. What makes the C-ONE 1600 special is its seated workstation, specially designed to provide operators with a comfortable workspace and a clear head by giving them easy access to the C-ONE 1600's work area, swinging side tables (for parts and instructions), and Omron Yaskawa PLC CNC1000 conrtoller.

This C-ONE1600 comes standard eqipped with seated workstation, as well as:

Coast One: G Series

CoastOne revolutionized the electric press brake industry with the G Series (G20, G25, G30, G40) of O-frame press brakes. The unique frame design reduces vertical deflection and torsion, allowing for less weight with better stiffness and accuracy. From the three spindle G20 to the six spindle G40, each servo beam axis works independently and functions as a crowning axis.

Coast One: C Series Extended Height

Each of the C series CoastOne models is also available with an extended height, with a maximum open height of either 25.59” or 31.49” to accommodate tall bending tools.

The C Series is CoastOne’s flagship line of press brakes. Each C Series model includes as standard a powerful, user-friendly touch programming system and Y, X, and R axes. The fast, ball screw and servo-driven backgauge delivers impressive production capabilities for any lot size, which makes the C Series a highly flexible solution for today’s fabricators.  

coast one extended
extended length