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Press Brake Safety System

The Fiessler AKAS® IIF Press Brake Safety System is the most sophisticated press brake point of operation safeguarding retrofit available on this planet and was designed to keep your operators safe even working close to the tooling. Fingers, hands, arms and other appendages can be easily injured or lost due to unsafe press brake operation. Utilizing the latest in laser grid sensing technology and positive force circuit control, the AKAS® IIF allows the smallest parts to be handled safely with no significant impact to production.

Press Brake Safety System

Press Brake Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains can help prevent pinching body parts between the metal sheet and the tools of a press brake or punch press when not working close to the tooling. Tremendously effective at zone danger isolation.

Standard light curtains

While the AKAS system can meet the majority of safety applications for press brakes, it is not always the answer. For those applications which fall outside the AKAS “area of expertise” Fiessler offers a fine line of traditional light curtains.

Press Brake safety light curtains

Safety Laser Scanner FLSC

During the bending of large parts, a safety area laser scanner provides a sufficient safety standard. A personal protection field will keep your operators safe, and your mind at ease, while running your press brake or metalworking operation.

Distance between operator and bending level must be at least 39″ or 1000 mm.

proximity laser scanner safety for person
safety laser scanner graph
safety laser scanner protection

LazerSafe LZS-004 Dual Laser

The LazerSafe LZS-004 press brake guarding system offers a highly effective solution for both operator safety and machine productivity. Designed for use with Lazer Safe’s PCSS (Press Control Safety System), the LZS-004 is category 4 compliant and meets the world’s most demanding international safety standards.

LazerSafe LZS-004 Dual Laser Press Brake Guarding Systems

LazerSafe LZS-003 Retrofit

The LZS-003 system is Category 4 compliant and meets the world’s most demanding international safety standards. The LZS-003 features a laser transmitter and receiver which are mounted on the Key Features upper beam of the press. A continuous parallel flat band laser provides a 40mm protective zone directly below the punch, allowing the operator to remain close to the work piece as the tools close at high speed. If an obstruction is detected, the beam movement is stopped so that the punch cannot make contact with the obstruction.