SD Series: Disk Brush System Deburring Machines

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Disk Brush System Deburring Machines

Jonsen SD300-JS+D: Metal Grinding and Deburring Machine (In Stock)

The Jonsen SD300-JS+D metal grinding and deburring machine is a dry processing machine made to achieve a uniform deburring of flat parts which also have complicated contours, curved surfaces and edge rounding. It is widely used for deburring precision punching spare parts, auto parts, precision mechanical parts, valve plate, and more. The modular design ensure different combinations of belt head and top brush assembly according to users' requirements.


Jonsen SD300-JS+D Metal Grinding and Deburring Machine
SD300-JS+D inside

Jonsen SD300-WJS+3D Disk Brush System Deburring Machine

The SD300-WJS+3D is a combination wet operation machine with abrasive belt and rotation type disk brush system. The SD300-WJS+3D is suitable for heavy grinding and efficient disk brush type deburring. The four heads on the machine can run together or separately for deburring or edge rounding. Typical user: Fine balnking press parts deburring. 


For heavy grinding and deburring.