SG Series: Abrasive Belt & Roller Brush Machines

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Abrasive Belt & Roller Brush Machines

Jonsen SG1030-JS+D Wide Belt Grinding, Deburring and Finishing Machine

The Jonsen SG1030-JS+D series is a dry operation wide belt grinding machine with a disk brush. It is suitable for surface grinding, deburring, and finishing material like steel, stainless steel, copper, less aluminum. A dry type machine works best with a wet type dust collector for safety work. 




For surface grinding, deburring and finishing steel, stainless steel and copper.



Jonsen SG1300-JS/WJS Stainless Steel Sheet Finishing Machine

The JONSEN SG1300-JS/WJS Stainless Steel Finishing Machine is available wet or dry, with up to 4 belt options. It has a 54" roller table feed system that enables it to grind sheet as thin as 0.02". Therefore, it is ideally suited for stainless steel surface finishing. The 103"-long belt makes it possible to prolong its replacement cycle and improve its efficiency. The SG1300-JS/WJS is able to do both pure oil finishing and wet finishing.


Jonsen SG630-3WB: Scotch Brite Brush Finishing Machine

Jonsen's SG630-3WB is designed for the decorative finishing of high end electronic products (notebook PC, digital products, mobile telephone etc.). The distinctive steady current grinding by servo control is used on this machine. This machine uses Scotch-Brite Finishing Flab Brushes to provide improved consistency and greater control over polishing/aesthetic finishing and brushed finishes on copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. 


Jonsen SG630-3WB
Jonsen SG630-3WB inside
Jonsen SG630-3WB inside

Jonsen SG630 Wide Belt Grinder

The Jonsen SG630-JS is the most widely used machine in the sheet metal processing industry. It is a wide belt grinding machine with a 24” table and allows up to 4 heads. Its main functions are to carry out deburring operation of stamping sheet metal articles, perform surface napping and polishing, and create HL effect. Very easy to operate. Available in Wet (JS) or Dry (WJS) models.