RAS XL Center 63.3

AMB Roofing: RAS XL Center 63.3

This RAS XL Center was installed at AMB Roofing in Johnsburg, Illinois. The RAS XL Center 63.3 from Mac-Tech:  Automatic Sheet Metal Folder for Roofing & Architectural Applications

126” x 16 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity

Up & Down Folding

Multi-Touch PC Control – Programming Eliminated!:

o   Profile Drawn on Monitor, Software Automatically Programs Part

o   Hit “Taper” Button for Perfectly Tapered Parts

o   Select Folding Sequence

o   Press Start

Automatic Folding Sequences:

o   Grippers Hold & Feed Material

o   Clamping Beam Holds in Place

o   Up & Down Forming

o   300 Degrees of Forming Room in front of Machine for Complex Shapes


o   128 Degrees per Second Folding

o   155 IPM Clamping

o   900 IPM Backstop

RAS XL Center 63.3

Flexible Folding Solutions from Mac-Tech.




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