New In Stock Carell SIHR 10/5 Plate Roll | Full

IN STOCK Plate Roll

Carell SIHR 10/5

Carell's SIHR 3-roll double-pinch plate rolls are superior by design. They come standard equipped with:

  • All 3 rolls are powered by high torque radial piston hydraulic motors and planetary speed reducers
  • Planetary Swing Arm System (PSAS) for lateral roll movement
  • Positive Parallelism System (PPS) fluid dynamic leveling on lateral rolls for instant & continuous parallelism
  • Main frame weldments fabricated from heavy plate & reinforced at load points
  • Mobile control consoles designed for maximum operator safety and ergonomics
  • 24VAC low voltage control circuits for safety and extended component life
  • Trip wire lines around machine, emergency stop buttons, and keyed switch control lockouts for safety

​Plus, the SIHR's hydraulic systems incorporate larger roll thrust cylinders and larger displacement hydraulic motors than other brands. Larger components and lower operating pressures increase the systems life and dramatically reduce maintenance. All systems use pilot operated non-return valves and maximum pressure overload relief valves for constant positioning under extreme loads. All of this protects your investment.


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10' x 3/8"


  • Extended Toll Shafts & Cone Rolling Equipment
  • Automatic roll tilting direct from the control console
  • Detached mobile control consoles w/ pushbutton operation
  • 2 LEDs


  • Induction-hardened rolls 54-56HRC
  • High polished finish on roll surfaces
  • Section bending die set for Flats, T's, L's, C's, etc.
  • Electronic digital displays (2 or 4 each, for lateral rolls)
  • Hydraulic operated lateral material supports
  • Hydraulic operated overhead material support
  • Slight alignment grooves on lower rolls
  • Multi-speed of variable speed drives