coast one extended

Coast One: C Series Extended Height

Each of the C series CoastOne models is also available with an extended height, with a maximum open height of either 25.59” or 31.49” to accommodate tall bending tools.

The C Series is CoastOne’s flagship line of press brakes. Each C Series model includes as standard a powerful, user-friendly touch programming system and Y, X, and R axes. The fast, ball screw and servo-driven backgauge delivers impressive production capabilities for any lot size, which makes the C Series a highly flexible solution for today’s fabricators.  

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If you have a press brake department full of heavy duty hydraulic machines, chances are you may be blowing up your own bottom line. The notion that your press brake's should be able to run every part in your arsenal is yesterday's news. The age of servo-electric, flexible and accurate technology is here! Leading the way is CoastOne, a company with a line of intelligent, agile, and affordable servo-electric brakes called C-Ones, brought to you by International Technologies.

The C-One Servo-Electric Press Brake


c-one press brakeBuilt in Finland, these brakes are servo-electric, direct ball screw driven, and are equipped with the highest class linear guides available. The drives utilized are specially designed for years of accurate bending under the most demanding requirements.

A user friendly programming system makes set-ups fast, and are perfect for short runs and hot production requirements.

The CoastOne C-One series was ergonomically designed to provide an efficient working environment for the operator. C-One's are eco-friendly, use no hydraulic oil needing disposing of, and consume very little electricity. And with no hydraulics to keep cool, the heat generation is eliminated. The electrical savings alone can result in up to a 50% savings when compared to hydraulic press brakes.

A servo-driven press brake provides better cycle times and lower maintenance levels than a hydraulic press brake. In addition to the fast acting ram, the X and R back gauge provide impressive production capabilities in small lot sizes, something today's fabricators must improve their ability to respond to.


Six Sizes

cone 900 press brake20 Tons to 110

There are six C-One servo-electric press brakes in our line (20 tons to 110 tons) The C-One brakes are easily programmable via a very friendly graphic interface, can be outfitted with Wila, Euro or American tooling, and are astoundingly accurate and affordable. How about $56K to $150K, depending on how you equip them? Some are even portable! All offer offline programming and offline storage and retrieval capabilities which can tie to any system you have. If you really analyze it, most likely 25% to 50% of your parts shouldn't be made on some behemoth that sucks power, needs constant care, creates excessive heat and dirt, and should be producing only your larger parts. Well-suited to small production runs, with an excellent accuracy profile and state-of-the-art control technology, the CoastOne is an excellent replacement for large, capital-intensive press brakes. Simply put, smaller parts cannot be competitively formed on a large brake. Use the right tool to do the job.

It Can Be Safer To Sit

Ergonomics And Operator Safety
The excellent ergonomic design of this press allows the operator to keep his legs comfortably arranged underneath the press bed to maintain a comfortable position during the forming operation. While this appears to be a minor detail, it has a significant impact on productivity and provides great ergonomic comfort to the operator making for a safer operating environment.

Deadly Accuracy

C-One Electric Press Brakes Are Deadly Accurate!
The use of a servo motor, driving high accuracy ball screws on oversized LM guides combined with the absence of hydraulic oil's constant viscosity fluctuations due to temperature instability, creates the high repeatability and accuracy profile of the CoastOne. Positioning of the upper ram is ± 0.005 mm (+/- 0.00019"). The drive system is specially designed for years of accurate bending under the most demanding requirements.

Your Tooling Strategy Is Our Tooling Strategy

C-One Electric Press Brakes Use Any Tooling Style Desired Instead of forcing an end user into the manufacturers tooling of choice, C-One's are configurable to accommodate any tooling style available; from WILA to Euro Stamp, and everything in between. C-One's ship standard with Euro style punch holders and a 60 mm die bed. Different tooling systems can be added from the start, or configured later as your needs change. Lock in your punches and dies, not the future of your tooling selection.


C-One Press Brake...Safety Is No Accident!
We can outfit your C-One brake with anything from a simple light curtain to the most highly sophisticated Lazer Safe system for maximum operational safety. In addition, the excellent ergonomic design of this press allows the operator to keep his legs comfortably arranged underneath the press bed to maintain a comfortable position during the forming operation. Small parts put the operators hands close to the forming area and is especially hazardous. With fingers inches away from the pinch point, he last thing an operator needs is to be balanced on one foot while the other is stepping on the foot pedal.

Green Up

Give The Earth A BREAK, And Give Yourself A BRAKE!
The CoastOne press brake was designed to meet the strictest ecological requirements. There is no hydraulic oil to dispose of, nor is a hydraulic pump constantly consuming electricity. Heat generation is virtually eliminated, and the sound level is incomparably lower than conventional hydraulic presses because there is no hydraulic pump constantly running. On one hand, a C-One brake will literally pay for itself in energy savings alone within ten years. On the other, a C-One will increase your profitability, quality of finished parts, labor savings and lower your overall costs by a significant margin almost immediately!


See One Today

Coming Soon, To A Shop Near You
If you have not had a chance to see one for yourself, please contact Mac-Tech to schedule a personalized demonstration in our Schaumburg Illinois or Milwaukee Wisconsin showroom. We maintain an inventory of the most popular sizes of C-Ones; the 900 and 1600. Feel free to bring your own tooling, and run your own parts. You will be surprised at how easy productivity is, and how economical it can be.