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Coast One CONE 1600 (In Stock)

The CoastOne CONE 1600 is the perfect for jobs that need a little extra strength, length, and tonnage. What makes the C-ONE 1600 special is its seated workstation, specially designed to provide operators with a comfortable workspace and a clear head by giving them easy access to the C-ONE 1600's work area, swinging side tables (for parts and instructions), and Omron Yaskawa PLC CNC1000 conrtoller.

This C-ONE1600 comes standard eqipped with seated workstation, as well as:

  • 50 tons of bending force
  • Powerful dual servo-electric ball screw drive system
  • 60” work length
  • +/- 0.000039” ram accuracy
  • Omron Yaskawa PLC CNC1000 conrtoller

Plus, the C-ONE 1600 works with any style of tooling in the business, including: WILA, American, Promecam, Wilson, ToolsPress, Amada, etc. That means that you can upgrade your current machine without having to spend more money on new tooling.



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Machine Info:


  • 3 Axis (Y, X, R) 100% Ball Screw Electric Press Brake
  • (63" x 48 US Tons)
  • Precision Ball Screw Driven Ram
  • CNC X+R Back Gauge
  • European Clamps
  • Energy saving - no hydraulic oil
  • DEMO Video: click here