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NEW Electric Press Brake

CoastOne C-ONE 900

CoastOne’s worldwide reputation for quality, reliability, and precision was built with the C-One 900 press brake.  These all electric, servo/ball screw driven machines will meet your most demanding requirement. A three-axis Y, X, and R system is standard.  Available options include up to a 5 Axis back gauge, Lazer Safe guarding and Wila, Wilson, or standard American style punch and die holders.

It's Accurate. It's Electric. It's Green Technology.

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The age of servo-electric, flexible, and accurate technology is here!

The CoastOne C-One Series Press Brakes are servo-electric, direct ball screw driven, and are equipped with the highest class linear guides available. The drives utilized are specially designed for years of accurate bending under the most demanding requirements.  The C-One is a servo-driven press brake that provides better cycle times and lower maintenance levels than a hydraulic press brake. C-One's are eco-friendly, use no hydraulic oil, and consume very little electricity. And without any hydraulics to keep cool, the heat generation is eliminated. The electrical savings alone can result in up to a 50% cost elimination when compared to average hydraulic press brakes.  Plus, the C-One's have been designed with ergonomic control centers and a user-friendly programming system that makes set-ups fast and provides an eficcient, comfortable working environment for the operator.


Six Sizes

There are six C-One servo-electric press brakes in our line (20 to 110 tons), all astoundingly accurate and affordable, and perfect for producing small parts.  But don't let their size fool you.  Each C-One is compatable with every tooling option on the market, and different tooling systems can be added from the start, or configured later as your needs change.   In addition to the fast acting ram, the X and R backgauge provide impressive production capabilities in small lot sizes.  Some are even portable. The C-One is an excellent replacement for large, expensive Press Brakes.


Safer to Sit

The excellent ergonomic design of the C-One's allows the operator to keep his legs comfortably arranged underneath the press bed to maintain a optimal positioning during operation.  It may seem small, but comfort has a significant impact on productivity safety when it's time to make those hard deadlines.  Plus, we can outfit your C-One brake with any safety equipment you want, from a simple light curtain to the most highly sophisticated Lazer Safe System on the market. 


Going Green.  Saving Green.

The CoastOne press brake was designed to meet the strictest ecological requirements. There is no hydraulic oil to dispose of, nor is a hydraulic pump constantly consuming electricity. Heat generation is virtually eliminated, and the sound level is incomparably lower than conventional hydraulic presses because there is no hydraulic pump constantly running.  Hydraulic oil's constant viscosity fluctuations due to temperature instability can really slow down operations.  The C-One has eliminated this problem with the use of a servo motor, which also gives the C-One its remarkably high repeatability and accuracy profile. In addition, the drive system is specially designed for years of accurate bending under the most demanding requirements.  Not only will the C-One increase your profitability and overall product quality, but within ten years it will completely pay for itself in energy- saving costs.

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