NEW Mandrel Tube Bender

Ercolina 030

Ercolina USA's Mega Bender Series 030 NC mandrel bender is ideal for prototype or small production mandrel bending applications.

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  • Mild steel tube capacity 3" (.065 wall)
  • Stainless tube capacity 2.5" (.065 wall)
  • Square tube capacity 2" (.065 wall)
  • Maximum bend radius 8.875"
  • Bend to CLR as small as 1.5D
  • NC programmable C axis with manual X and Y positioning
  • Variable bending speed
  • Ideal for bending thin wall mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials
  • Programmable bend sequencing and mandrel retraction
  • Independent clamp and pressure die adjustment
  • Quick change tooling reduces setup time
  • Bending software available for easy part layout
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